Metasonix TM-6

Tube Multimode Filter built by Metasonix.
see here for description.
title link leads to a review by Per Wikström

Neumann M250

just because it`s such a beauty.

Helios 8 Channel Mic PreAmp


Weiss Compressor DS1

high-end digital compressor vom feinsten !
title link for more info.
by Weiss Engineering

Drum Machine Univox SR-95

lovely preset drum machine 70`
more pictures
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The Conn Electric Band

all in one keyboard.

ca. `74 (?)

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nice vintage gear here

The Nano Head

a nice little tube guitar amplifier
built by Z. Vex Amps.
more info about the Nano Head.

and yes !
they build some effects too !

The Jan Hammer Miami Vice Video !

to watch please visit title link.

thanks to musicthing.

Maplin Synth at AHNE2006

please follow the title link to the
Analogue Heaven Northeast (AHNE 2006)
main site.

pictures taken from here

hot gearporn also on

thanks eric.

" Edgard Varese: The Idol of My Youth " by Frank Zappa

please follow the title link to read this !

Edgard Varèse

" ...I decided to call my music "organized sound" and myself, not a musician, but a "worker in rhythms, frequencies and intensities." Indeed, to stubbornly conditioned ears, anything new in music has always been called noise. But after all what is music but organized noises? And a composer, like all artists, is an organizer of disparate elements. Subjectively, noise is any sound one doesn't like. "

score of Poéme Électronique.

short bio

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Karlheinz Stockhausen

see a score page
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Alice Rose

title link leads to her website.

fotos by patty fromtheplanet

sennheiser vocoder VSM 201

high-end vocoder by sennheiser.

about 50 of them built in 1978.

the title link takes you to
for more info.

some theory in german by Dipl.-Ing. Dietrich Buder

pix by moogulator.