Suzanne Ciani

Suzanne Ciani in her Park Ave. Studio.

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Miss Goldfrapp

Miss Alison Goldfrapp with a Farfisa Fast 2.

just because I like the picture.

Maestro Ring Modulator

"to my knowledge, this is the first ring Modulator ever created. It was part of the 'Analog synthesizer' module that Bob Moog, Tom Oberheim and the folks at ARP worked on in the 70s. That is basically where all the early Maestro "pedals" came from. This piece is super rare,and though it is missing its foot pedal, it would command a lot of dough on Ebay"
comment and picture by ruk777

check at for more information

MIDIbox SEQUENCER V3 by Thorsten Klose from ucapps

latest demonstration of the MIDIBOX sequencer V3
latest features.
video on youtube
by Thorsten Klose

see also in german

A very nice Crackle Box by Fibra

found on
info about this crackle here

more info on the kraakles at

3 to 3 Mechanical Sequencer by Anttia

"Mechanical sequencer made from rotary switch and a motor. 3 Channels, 4 steps for every channnel."

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Musik aus Strom

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MSQ51 Sequencer by Georg Mahr

"MSQ51 ist der Sammelbegriff für einen kleinen Sequenzer, der immer MIDI, aber auch CV/Gate ausgibt. Die Bedienungsoberfläche besteht aus 2 Reihen LEDs sowie 2 Endlos Digipots - hierüber werden alle Funktionen gesteuert."

mehr hier
betriebsanleitung hier

seine website :

big modular by self oscillate

beautiful big modular synth by self oscillate aka ingo.

be sure to visit his website :

many doepfer examples done by him: here

The Definitive Guide to Evolver by Anu Kirk

I`m sure everybody has already seen this
beautiful Guide to the Evolver by Anu Kirk...

found on

download pdf.

HARMONY by Jack Dollhausen

"Steel, baling wire, infrared sensor, programmable circuit, make moving patterns of light in response to movement of warm bodies within twenty ft. " Jack Dollhausen

his website here

more machines

thanks to

Speak & Math by platonic world

some sounds :

LED to loop Speed

more info at


this beautiful MOTM based modular can be seen

go here and click on the pix
to see more.

The Hohner Multimonica

"The Multimonika was a commercial hybrid electronic/acoustic instrument manufactured by the German company, Hohner GmbH and designed by the German instrument designer Harald Bode . The Multimonica was a two keyboard combination of a wind-blown reed harmonium instrument, controlled by a 41 note lower keyboard, and an electronic monophonic sawtoooth generator contolled by the upper keyboard. The Multimonica was marketed in Europe from 1940. "

found at the audio playground keyboard museum.
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Weird Sound Generaton (WSG) by Harri

another beautiful Weird Sound Generator (WSG)
built by Harri.
more pictures on flickr

more about the WSG on

Weird Sound Generator (WSG) by panafonic

Weird Sound Generator (WSG) by panafonic.

want to build your own WSG ?
schematics, howtos ... here

please visit

from the panafonic blog

ProConX by EES

a handy MIDI remote made in germany.

"Der ProConX ist eine handliche MIDI Fernbedienung. Mit seiner Hilfe können Expander, Effektgeräte oder andere MIDI - Empfänger gesteuert werden.Der ProConX kann in den MIDI Signalweg eingeschleift werden. Dann werden die ankommenden MIDI-Daten mit den Daten, die der ProConX erzeugt, "gemerged".Der ProConX kann auf allen 16 MIDI Kanälen alle128 möglichen Programmwechsel - Befehle senden. ..."

Bedienungsanleitung pdf. (D) hier

please visit for more MIDI devices.

Rotary Woofer : The World’s First True Subwoofer

Introducing the world’s first true subwoofer:
Eminent Technology’s TRW-17

infos :
additional links + pictures : here
on youtube

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The Monolith by Jacob Duringer

The Monolith is a two-dimensional MIDI controller.
by Jacob Duringer.
to read more please visit

" There is a machine called The Monolith which is capable of making music. It is essentially fifteen keyboards stacked next to each other enabling the virtuoso to control fifteen different MIDI channels at once. ... " original on

current status of production :
"Heavenbound Systems Engineering Group is actively seeking individuals and/or institutions to participate in the effort to bring the Monolith from development into production and into the hands of the artists. Production will begin when the public demand justifies the expenses of bringing a new product to fruition. If you might be interested in purchasing a Monolith please E-Mail us so we may keep youinformed of our progress. In a mass production environment the expected retail cost of a Monolith will be approximately $2,000 U.S." on

The Schumann PLL

"The PLL is an analog harmonizer that turns your input signal into a square wave and then has a multiplier and divider that adds intervals to your note. "

more info here
there is an PLL drone available too.

be sure to visit schumann

Block Diagram of the Mac Pro

the Mac Pro block diagram...

original here

found in

serge modular ad 1980

they call this synth "affordable".

by bdu

found on flickr

a very nice set of
music instrument ads can
be found here

Doris Norton

I love that pic !!!

found on flickr

Synth DIY 2006 - Alan's Soundlab Mini Synth

another absolutely phantastic sound lab !!!

more pix of
The Synth DIY 2006 meeting at Robinson College,
Cambridge, on 29th July 2006 here

photos by tombola2004
found on flickr.

new paper circuit by peter blasser

a new device from
please visit the title link for more info about this instrument.
pieces of art.

vielen dank subtlenoisemaker

get your own Synclavier 9600 system !

follow the title link fororiginal site

this beautiful synclavier 9600 system is for sale.
more info on the system here

found on dvdborn

Serge in Custom Cabinet

just beautiful !


Thingama by BleepLabs

" The Thingamas are really just simple, analog type synthesizers that you control in a different way."

get more info on this instrument here
see the movie here
title link get you to the
thanks to

Tiger and the OB8

found on electro-music. com

Steam Synthesizer by Lorin Edwin Parker

OMG ! a steam powered synth !!!

"The current Parker Steam Synth has sound, a stable mounting, high temperature tubing, a lever throttle / valve & a sound and electricity generating dynamo assembly."

more info about this synthesizer

click on the pic for movie (.mov)
Actual Waveform Generated by Steam Synthesizer

mr. Parker`s website

INFINITE HORIZON by Mungo Enterprises

"The basic concept behind it is that most "classic" dance music is so formulaic it should be easy for a computer to generate."
title link for more information about Infinite Horizon
Mungo Enterprises website