Modules by MFB

MFB is getting modular !
the SEQ-01 Drum Sequencer.

more modules by MFB here.
including VD-01 Videoscope
to display audio on your tv/monitor... I love that one !

ASMO - Texas Electro [ circuit bent ]

posted by eddie23a

TangerVeene - multiple views similar angles

" Improvised set using a modded TV turned oscilliscope wobblevision, circuit bent drum machine Yamaha RX17, and the allmighty Juno 106. had a little fun with the editing, the light has been intensified. the TV now has a 1/4" input jack to plug in an audio source to make it react and bounce to the sound. both the TV and the drum machine are available. see the other vids for info on the drum machine, 'arix17'. "

by redclove

BugBrand Stylus Keyboard & Fracrak case

by bugbrand
on youtube