"Michael Gianfreda demonstrates his BitBug project
on a test/programming-chip"

posted by lopemon

breadboard WSG mutations


info on WSG (Weird Sound Generator) :


by opcabpol
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update : fine quality here

Schweizer Synthesizermeeting

at Synthorama Museum Luterbach
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Vienna Vegetable Orchestra

"A concert of the Vegetable Orchestra appeals to all the senses.
As an encore at the end of the concert and the video performance,
the audience is offered fresh vegetable soup."

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Audiosphere 1 (HELIOS)

Audiosphere 1 (HELIOS) : a project by

images kindly provided by fidgit

Die Schrauber @ Bent 2007

by eddie23a

"Die Schrauber live at the 4th International Circuit Bending Festival,
Eyebeam, New York.
Hans Tammen - endangered guitar, live sound processing
Joker Nies - omnichord, circuit bent instruments
Mario DeVega - SPK®, glitch sampling"

Kevin Shields

by audiotactix

Kevin Shields
Deathbomb Arc Showcase @ Fools Foundation

Bugbrand workshop pix

Tom from Bugbrand in his workshop.

set by arun christian lucas on flickr

Fuzz Probe

some gear pix by : kelkooxyz

fuzz probe by Zvex


"the visuals you are watching were created using just a casio sk1 and eddi (electronic devices digital interface )an output was taken from eddi and fed to a visual mixer where only the contrast and chroma were increased - no other effect has been applied."

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Creamware Rack

fabulous work by fidgit.
member of
minimoog, prophet and a odyssey ...

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JMM & Potar WSG - Build #2

another Weird Sound Generator
by Potar

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Fox In The Box

"modular midi/osc controller"

by comkee

update by comkee :
For more information about the project… visit :

Optical Theremin

by maomakmaa

Cinque Generator Dub

by karlmarxstadt

Pixelh8 - Casio SA 8

"Pixelh8 takes apart a Casio SA 8 and does a basic non hardwired circuit bend."

by Hiddenfortress

Potar WSG Noise Box

by potar

infos about weird sound generator on

Tique Tone : 555 Timer Experimental Drum Synth

by maomakmaa

Breadboard Melodromatron

"melange of 556 ramped tone generator, 4040 ripple counter, gated cd40106 triggers and 741 opamp variable bandpass filter, LEDs and lots of LDRs."


The Tubbie Box - Circuit Bent Contraption

"Here's a new kind of box, this time made from the guts of an interactive red Teletubbie doll. The light box is originally from the doll's stomach, ripped out, rehoused, and glitched out. Lots of interesting switches that mess up the noises which already sounded weird to begin with."

by carpeteria

Intimate Game Controller

Intimate Game Controller by Jennifer Chowdhury

"My thesis work involves building game controllers into undergarments so that games are played through players physically touching one another. The goal of this project was to research and create objects that challenge the traditional notions and orientation of video game play."

flickr set

have a look at this too : bra game controller


midi would be cool !

Worms Making Music

by ashfordaisyak
digging out some oldies but goldies.

MIDI Mouse Mod

a bit old I guess...
the MIDI Mouse Mod
freeware by

Sound Destruction Unit by farnea

Sound Destruction Unit.
built by farnea
"DIY modular synth made putting together a lot of things I've built in the last times. There is a Weird Sound Generator, a Crackle Box, a random pattern generator, some filters (cutoff, square to sine), a gate controller, a Vactrol based controller, optical sensors and body contacts, mixing and power stuff."

Modules by MFB

MFB is getting modular !
the SEQ-01 Drum Sequencer.

more modules by MFB here.
including VD-01 Videoscope
to display audio on your tv/monitor... I love that one !

ASMO - Texas Electro [ circuit bent ]

posted by eddie23a

TangerVeene - multiple views similar angles

" Improvised set using a modded TV turned oscilliscope wobblevision, circuit bent drum machine Yamaha RX17, and the allmighty Juno 106. had a little fun with the editing, the light has been intensified. the TV now has a 1/4" input jack to plug in an audio source to make it react and bounce to the sound. both the TV and the drum machine are available. see the other vids for info on the drum machine, 'arix17'. "

by redclove

BugBrand Stylus Keyboard & Fracrak case

by bugbrand
on youtube

Kids Circuit Bending

I love that one !
by Dr.Rek
provided by

Atari Punk Console by SineSurfer

SineSurfer on flickr.

Elektor Oscillographics Demo

"This is a project from the Elektor magazine published in 1978 - its an electronic spirograph circuit that you plug into an oscilloscope to produce ever changing and immersive Lissajous figures. The outputs are dampened sinewaves - so you can actually hear these at the same time as driving the oscilloscope."

built by bugbrand.

The Magnophone

"Basically it´s a mod to a technics 1210 recordplayer.
I use old vinyls that I spray mount 2" videotape on. (couldn´t find any proper audiotape, tough it would be cool to experiment with pre-recorded material on a 2" tape sometime, imagine the sound of the pickup skidding all over the 48 tracks of a symphonic orchestra) Presently it doesn´t have any traction towards the middle of the record (no tracks on tape..) But i´m planning to build a servo mechanism that moves the tonearm. (a 12" record should take about 3 minutes of stereo music) What it does do right now is replay on three pickups at the same time, with a fourth handheld for recording (or one of the others for better tracking). I use an ordinary 2-channel dj-mixer with aux mic in for replay, and the phones out of a small alto 8-channel mixer for recording. It´s a extremely hands on and intuitive process, you record where you put the pickup, to erase hold a small magnet over the recording. Put on another layer? record again over the first without erasing. Tape echo effect? put the toneheads after each other, record in front, erase behind. Loops happen by themselves all over the place.. If you are a bit more organized make mellotron-like tracks close to eachother with the soundsource of choice and play them by moving the pickup from one to another."

built by ILK


Baby 10 mini sequencer

remember Baby 10 sequencer ?

actually I have just discovered that fonik
is going to bulit such a machine.

please visit

Harry Partch BBC Documentary

parts 1-6 beginning from the top.
with a little help from

Spring Reverb design by Craig Anderton

Stage Center Reverb Unit.
original from "Guitar Player", 1976
thanks to electro-music. com

Man From Uranus

man from uranus.
doing it.

Instruments on

instruments used by the

including some nice shots of an opened Fyrall.