The Alison Project Studio Pictures

very nice and neat studio setup by The Alison Project
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Dubreq Stylophone

the manufacturer : Düpreq Ltd.

more info on this very special instrument :

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The Ringtone by Zvex

lovely new guitar effect by
more info about the ringtone here

more very nice effects here

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Synth Modding by Dr. Mabuse

colorful design by Dr. Mabuse
title link brings you more...

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The Ken Elhardt Synth Studio

thanks to the synthfool

Synthese und Soundprogramming für Einsteiger

mehr infos gibt`s hier.
siehe auch
workshop in zürich ...


"Rewired toy musicbox installed in cigarbox. Features potentiometer and toggle switch."

be sure to visit his website here


Elisha Gray's Musical Telegraph of 1876

more info here

Modular synth Tutorial

nice comprehensive tutorial on how to
get a sound out of a modular synth ;-)
a dotcom modular was used.

A neat movie about Electro-Music 2006

electro-music 2006
on youtube
93MB avi version

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Lab Dual Filter by Mad Science

this is a Mad Science Lab Dual Filter.
more info about the filter here

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Doepfer System by Ken Elhardt

title link gets you to more pictures of his studio.
found on the fabulous website.

M-900 Mikrophone by Microtech Gefell

nice little microphone.
by Microtech Gefell
title link gets you to more info about the mic.

Class A Mic Pre & DI Box by Universal Audio

title link gets you to a description of the
SOLO/110 Precision Class A Mic Pre & DI Box
by Universal Audio.

Suzanne Ciani in concert with Buchla synth

please visit suzanne ciani

and if you don`t know go here

the title link leads to an interview on

Händler zocken ab !

bitte titel link clicken für mehr info auf

probleme mit TBS ??? : hier schaun !

Copper Pad Synthesizer #5 by Platonic World

1 oscillator with pitch control, tri and square waves

1 wave shaper with a joystick control

1 bandpass filter

2 modulations sourcespatchable so anything can be modulated

4 copper pads for control of pitch and waveshaping

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more custom synthesizers

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Frisius über Pierre Schaeffer

ein sehr guter Artikel über Pierre Schaeffer.
von Prof. Dr. Rudolf Frisius.
bild : Pierre Schaeffer am "phonogène"

analogmulti by

"This Analog Multieffect is basically a bunch of various circuits rehoused in one large box. All of them are analog except the delay, and some of them have various modifications on them. I can do large-scale rehousing like this to any combination of effects and can include mods, too."

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Farfisa Syntorchestra

flickr shots by Heath Finnie

title link gets you to more pictures by Heath Finnie

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post via matrixsynth

Vostok Matrixsynth and Acidlab Bassline

nice little duo.

vostok matrixsynth by

bassline by

found in the gearporn-thread


March UDS a soviet rhythm box

please follow the title link to
for more information.

Morton Subotnick in front of a Buchla

Morton Subotnick

SoundLab by Unkle Krunkus

beautiful SoundLab built by Unkle Krunkus.
more info about this on

like to build a SoundLab yourself ?
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pictures from

pictures where differently constructed
crackles can be seen.
info on crackles here
picture copyright by mwais/

one of my crackles can be seen here