photographed by amstrad on flickr.
russian synth built by Murom.
more info here

caro snatch

just because I like the pic ...
please visit title link for her website !

Waterproof Soundlab built by Matthias

another beautiful sound lab built by mattias
aka fonik. This device will be waterproof !!!
the title link gets you to his website
for more info about this instrument.
please see also

found on

Video Tools by MFB - Berlin

small, affordable and cool
hardware for video work.

the MFB-VJ Mixer

MFB-VJ Player

BrakeDrum by Mikael

the BrakeDrum is built by mikmo.
more information about this instrument here
for more more details go here

don`t forget to visit his site at
for more beautiful music machines ...

Happy Knobbing German Modular Meeting 2006

please visit title link for more pix !
very hot modular video here.
(use VLC media player for this !)
und jawohl ! superheisse Fressenschau gibt`s auch noch ... ;-)
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even more pictures here.
thanks to jörg

The Tannerin

Kind of a Theremin ???
title link gives more info.
see also the Paul Tanner Electro-Theremin Page

MIDI Speak V.2 by Highlyliquid

This device has 128 banks of sounds and words

that can be triggered by single MIDI notes.

more info