Dataton Synth

the very rare swedish Dataton synth, built in the late 70`.
located in the synthorama CH-Lutherbach.
photos on flickr by hugo_33_im_toaster.
merci hugo ! ;-)

Mr. Q.R. Ghazala

Mr. Q.R. Ghazala, the father of circuit bending.
his website :

Super Klee Sequencer

I`m sure to be the last to spot this. but ...
there is a thread in the electro-music forum
about the Super Klee Sequencer.
A project by Scott Stites.
His site : Diary of a mad synth builder

" The sequencer was intended to be a 32 step sequencer, based on four independent 8 stage sequencers that could be chained in any combination. I'd perfected a method of interlocking two 8 stage sequencers, each independently controlled from a different clock. I'd come up with a number of ways of taking advantage of the method in which they were chained - it was basically a 'hand-off' from one eight stage sequencer to the next. Manipulating how the hand-off was executed, and using two different clocks provided a terrific means of producing interesting new patterns out of the same step sequence. Throw into that the ability to control the direction of sequence with each section (whether chained or independent), and you get the idea that it can do a lot with a single set of pot settings. That is what the 'async' sample consists of that I have posted here. Each segment of the sample is a single take (no overdubbing) of the sequencer controlling different voices with the handoff happening in an asynchronous manner. Each controlling counter chip is controlled by a different division of the master clock." (Scott Stites)

please visit electro-music for more info including schematics .......

Kunt - Point Ephemere

remember this one ?
here`s more !

absolutly beautiful site from germany dealing with vintage musical electronic toys.
please visit this link to compose your own piece of music with these instruments.

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circuit bending workshop in sweden

through a member of
please visit his website
more pictures here

see also getlofi.

Synthesizer Treffen Zürich

please visit for more info and pix.

EMS Synthi AKS Test

a couple of far too short EMS synthi AKS test clips by 123synthland

hit the title link for the others...

Vangelis + CS80

by analoghell

on youtube

Wooden Noise Drone Synth

by jakewaldron

on youtube.

Metasonix vs. EOwave

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some like it big

a cozy little subwoofer system for our lounge.

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MIDI controllable 8bit soundmodule
based on the speech chip speakjet

this is buil by ampere.
implemented are 72 allophones, 43 soundFX and
12 DTM touch tones.

A pity those things are only custom built.

sounds :

Suzanne Ciani

just a nice shot.