6 Theremin / DIY Festival Zürich

photos: robert alexander
taken here: diyfestival.ch

generator #14 im club mehrspur

Telemach Wiesinger + Andreas Gogol


info generator #14

generator ist eine Veranstaltung des ICST
(Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology),
Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Departement Musik
in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Mehrspur Club.

Electroscape by Anne Rosset

Günther Rabl im Walcheturm

Günther Rabl
"1953 in Linz geboren, studierte Elektroakustik an der Musikhochschule Wien und beschäftigt sich seit 1976 praktisch, theoretisch und kompositorisch mit elektroakustischer Musik. Seine Arbeiten setzen sich aus Tonbandmusik, Computermusik, akustischen Inszenierungen, Kompositions- und Klangverarbeitungssoftware sowie wissenschaftlichen Studien und Vorlesungen zusammen. Günther Rabl hat sich in der Kunstszene für Neue Musik mit dem Spezialgebiet Elektroakustik einen internationalen Ruf erworben."

Konzert im Kunstraum Walcheturm
Kanonengasse 20
8004 Zürich

Günter Rabl : canto-crudo.com
Kunstraum Walcheturm: walcheturm.ch

Simon Berz - Sound Performance

Simon Berz: badabum.ch
by rogerluch


Circuit Bent Radical Rhythm Guitar with two LFOs

In addition to a monster pitch bend, this has two LFO's - one triggering sounds and one modulating the pitch. Both are modeled on the 555 timer LFO from Casper Electronics

by 3rdness
more on mobiusband.com

Bend Matrix trigger jack and MIDI output

Demo of Bend Matrix triggered by a guitar to step the sequencer forward. Also has Step-back and Play/Pause trigger jacks. BM's MIDI output is going to a MIDI synth which generates the piano sounds.

by 4mspedals

Torben Sangild : The Aesthetics of Noise

Noise can blow your head out. Noise is rage. Noise is ecstatic. Noise is psychedelic. Noise is often on the edge between annoyance and bliss. Noises are many things. Noise is a difficult concept to deal with.

The Aesthetics of Noise
by Torben Sangild

via Christine Webster

Hexapod MSR-H01 Test 2

micromagic systems MSR-H01 Hexapod body move test.
by winchymatt


ModTone MT-AD Vintage Analog Delay Pedal

The ModTone MT-AD Vintage Analog Delay is a buffered bypass boutique style pedal that recreates classic medium length delays (130ms - 350ms) and vintage slapback echos.

by ProGuitarShopDemos

Bend Matrix 4x8 02

by 4mspedals

Bent Pikachu Limited Edition

by Kaseo

dorkbot swiss Valbella8

Neue Aktivitäten bei den Schweizer dorkbots, die sich diesmal als
"people doing strange things with communication" formieren.

via homemade-labor.ch

Anyone going to Music China 2008

I wonder if there are any readers/visitors of my site
who are going to Music China 2008 in Shangai?

I would like to find someone who can take a
lot of pictures (and brochures?) of the
Chinese guitar effects :) (of course! ;))

DiscoFreq needs help ! :-)

and yes, I`d love to see some pix too.....

Electro-Harmonix Stereo Memory Man With Hazarai

by gearwire
Stereo Memory Man With Hazarai manual: here

Klee Sequencer Panel Design

Klee Panel Design design is by problemchild & patstormont.
via the "Post Your KLEE Panels Designs Here"
thread at electro-music.com

update from Luca:
"... and might need some tweaks if built (like the clock & cv pot positions)"

Evolution of game controllers

via Pasta + Vinegar

Potar's Dub Box

Loosely based around the OG Dub Sirens and Delay units that helped to create that spacey Dub Reggae sound. This is an all in one unit, Laser/Air Horn sound Fx, 4 different delay settings, 1/4" Microphone Input, & 1/4" Output.

by potar

his site: threepointfive.com/potar/

Squarewave Parade DowngradeV2, Moles20r, and Teaspoon.

Trying some more self contained (no audio being fed into the input at the front of the chain).
Frostwave sequencer passing two sets of cv sequences into the Downgrade V2 and the Moles20r filter.
Teaspoon is along for the ride at the end.

by thetonewrecker
aka. Paul Birken


Elena Ungeheuer: Musik als intermediale Kunst (D)

Prof. Elena Ungeheuer von der TU Berlin
mit dem Referat "Musik als intermediale Kunst"

podcast via digitalbrainstorming.ch

Retro Sampler Rack

Sampler Rack containing
emu E4 platinum, ensoniq mirage,
yamaha TX16W and akai S950.
the last 3 are 12bit.

by fidgit.

Danelectro Chicken Salad Rehouse photo-tutorial

Danelectro Chicken Salad Rehouse photo-tutorial

Anybody looking for this info:
you might find some on


by djwidow420

i want to dance with you and cut you up

circuit bent boss ps-2 delay pedal and live radio feed.
by spunkytoofers

Noisy Beat Box

circuit bent KAWASAKI Toy Drum
by Kaseo

Ultimate Cracklebox

Ultimate Cracklebox on deviantsynth.com

diy makeaway: Sa 28. 06. 2008

Krachmacher bauen mit der SGMK.
mehr auf sgmk-ssam.ch

Puredata sequencing modular synth

"In this video, I'm using Puredata (Pd) to sequence a synthesizers.com analog modular system."
by shadowfac

Nina's Bababox

by thejunkyardcatalyst

Gmöttophon MK2 ||| 8-step sequencer NAND noise

an new instrument using the SGMK sequencer
and some abused NAND gates, 4093 CMOS.
by dusjagr

Klee Sequencer by unit-sound

Klee Sequencer by unit-sound aka Jan Czmok
flickr set: here

via electro-music.com

STEIM needs your support !

The Dutch music research organization STEIM is responsible for exploring and redefining the boundaries of music making and performance - expanding old notions of instrumentation and interaction into elements many sound-makers focus on today. Unfortunately, the governmental department that helps fund STEIM doesn't know about this -

"Things are not well at STEIM. We are in the danger of loosing our structural funding from the government, based on a review from the advisor board which called us 'closed and only appealing to a niche audience'. The outlook isn't exactly bleak, but at the moment our future is unclear."
please help STEIM, funding is in danger !
please write a letter of support: knock@steim.nl
information about the situation: here
read more about STEIM

The moogerfoogers

by fidgit.

Mechanical Fourier Analysis and Synthesis

The Harmonium by Tatjana van Vark
the making of here
beautiful machines.

Alesis HR-16 porn

Alesis HR-16 on repair.
click for bigger view.

Zeitgenössische Kunst/Contemporary Art Zürich

Anyware Instruments InSEQt Sequencer

The new Anyware Instruments Sequencer controls the
Anyware Instuments Semtex XL Modular and the TMSS/Theis Modular.

built by www.anyware-instruments.de/
by tomabeman

sequencer.de/ was quicker.

Brians Gmöttophon

"SGMK sequencer und micro_noise, rocking 4093"

by dusjagr
via dusseiller.ch/

6 Oscillators in Remittance - Cloudscraper

"6 oscillators being triggered by light sensors reacting to the
movement of the clouds across the sun - followed by a composed 16 min
soundscape where each of the 6 oscillators are fed through echo's and reverbs -"


"The Gator is my implementation of an AM based synthesizer."
more information on noise-room.com/

also on electroscape.net

Jörg Piringer : nam shub web

"nam shub web is a website processor. it takes the textual content of external websites and applies user defined rules to generate visual poetry out of it. these rules consist of operations that change the text or modify the visual appearance."

more info : joerg.piringer.net/

SubtleNoiseMaker -- Sonic Devices for Sale

there are three sonic devices for sale at the moment.
built by subtlenoisemaker aka sascha neudeck.
more information sascha-neudeck.com/