floppy reverb tape delay - walter cronkite three mile island

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Floppy Audio / Integrating Analog and Digital

A.S.M.O. Atari Fuzz Bazooka

Stepped tone generator circuit (Atari Punk Console), fuzz circuit,
LM386 amp circuit, cardboard tube, 59p toy gun

Anis Haron Installation - Audio Palimpsest (2010)

Audio Palimpsest (2010) is an interactive sound-based installation that explores applications of indeterminacy and randomness in an interactive platform. The piece is based on a hacked cassette recorder, where the device functionalities are reconfigured to work in a different context. Audio Palimpsest is an auditory art system that allows multi-point interaction by synthesizing data inputs collectively and emphasizing the thought of open-endedness in its execution -- opening up content generation to sources beyond the traditional expectations.
Anis Haron

cocostuber by Peter Blasser Ciat Lonbarde

Ciat Lonbarde
video by petermopar

Thus (Neil Feather and John Berndt) "Shoots and Latters" (Former Guitar Duo)

Thus (Neil Feather and John Berndt) : siteofthus.org/



Zonkulator Oscilloscope Circuit Bent Robot Theremin Synth Fun by ORGY OF NOISE = BTM = Bill T Miller

Orgy Of Noise

Take a peak into the BTM Vault within Headroom Studios in Boston/Allston. Witness the one and only Bill T Miller tinkering with a circuit bent tron robot plugged into a zonkulator amp oscillator gizmo into a tektronix oscilloscope with bonus red eye tv surveillance lurking.

Action Research Quartet Collaboration

Action Research 56 Quartet Collaboration Pt. 1 from Monik Markus

Action Research Quartet Collaboration Pt. 2 from Monik Markus

Tatsuya Nakatani
John David Eriksen
Hal McGee
Andrew Chadwick (Ironing)

Noyade live

Noyade live at Oblo, Lausanne 03.12.2009
Noyade is Erik Minkkinen (Sister Iodine) & David Lemoine