The Magnophone

"Basically it´s a mod to a technics 1210 recordplayer.
I use old vinyls that I spray mount 2" videotape on. (couldn´t find any proper audiotape, tough it would be cool to experiment with pre-recorded material on a 2" tape sometime, imagine the sound of the pickup skidding all over the 48 tracks of a symphonic orchestra) Presently it doesn´t have any traction towards the middle of the record (no tracks on tape..) But i´m planning to build a servo mechanism that moves the tonearm. (a 12" record should take about 3 minutes of stereo music) What it does do right now is replay on three pickups at the same time, with a fourth handheld for recording (or one of the others for better tracking). I use an ordinary 2-channel dj-mixer with aux mic in for replay, and the phones out of a small alto 8-channel mixer for recording. It´s a extremely hands on and intuitive process, you record where you put the pickup, to erase hold a small magnet over the recording. Put on another layer? record again over the first without erasing. Tape echo effect? put the toneheads after each other, record in front, erase behind. Loops happen by themselves all over the place.. If you are a bit more organized make mellotron-like tracks close to eachother with the soundsource of choice and play them by moving the pickup from one to another."

built by ILK