The Monolith by Jacob Duringer

The Monolith is a two-dimensional MIDI controller.
by Jacob Duringer.
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" There is a machine called The Monolith which is capable of making music. It is essentially fifteen keyboards stacked next to each other enabling the virtuoso to control fifteen different MIDI channels at once. ... " original on

current status of production :
"Heavenbound Systems Engineering Group is actively seeking individuals and/or institutions to participate in the effort to bring the Monolith from development into production and into the hands of the artists. Production will begin when the public demand justifies the expenses of bringing a new product to fruition. If you might be interested in purchasing a Monolith please E-Mail us so we may keep youinformed of our progress. In a mass production environment the expected retail cost of a Monolith will be approximately $2,000 U.S." on