DS7 clone built by Daniel Vera from Finland

some mods and the PCB layout
for Dual DS7 by dnny aka daniel.
posted in electro-music.com
Lease visit Papareil Synth Labs for more information.

Buchla System 500

a hybrid, digitally controlled analog synthesizer. build 1971.
picture on buchla.com

M4 Tube Console by TL AUDIO

a nice little mixer.
more info here
read the manual ? here
really big view

uCapps MIDIbox64 build by Elektromeier

a very beautiful uCapps MIDIbox64

build by Elektromeier

the idea : a modular midi controller

more pictures 1 2 3 4

Brunhilde by Phelios

picture by phelios.de

found in synthesizerforum.de

Beautiful CrackleSynth by Notbreathing Sound Systems

this unit contains three crackleboxes, three preamps, a giant speaker, three control knobs, an on / off switch, and 22 brass contacts for human interaction - unit is played with nothing but pressure and human touch ...
build by notbreathing sound systems
be sure to visit crackle.org

The Parallel Universe

please follow the title link.
"The Parallel Universe is a very high gain distortion
with self oscillating capabilites."
build by experimentalists anonymous.
find some diy schematics here to !

NEWS : genoQs Machines Octopus Navigation Guide

the title link takes you to the navigation guide
for the Octopus.
thanks to sequencer.de

NEW : BUCHLA Model 222e Multi-Dimensional Kinesthetic Input Port

a new module for the Buchla 200e

Patchable Copper Pad Synthesizer by Platonicworld

sounds : 1 2

"This synth had an oscillator, waveshaper, modulation,
4 copper pads and is full patchable giving it all kinds of
crazy routing possibilities."

title link gets you to platonicworld

Celeste Hutchins

"The top 3U of the rack is an Evenfall Minimodular.
The rest are MOTM modules.
I think all made before 2002."

her music :
Meditations pour les Femmes
Train Filter

Picture by Phillip Schulze

the title link goes to her website.
please visit also berkeleynoise !

Fairchild Model 670 Compressor

"The two channel Fairchild 670 is the “Holy Grail” of compressors in studio gear esoterica, not only because of its price (around $30,000 on the vintage market), but its extreme rareness and the difficulties in maintaining such a piece. With 14 transformers, 20 vacuum tubes, and a 6 rack-space encompassing girth, the 670 is the heavyweight champion of compression weighing in at 65 pounds ... "

pictures by

MOOG Constellation @ moogarchives.com

found on moogarchives.com
copyright by them.

Passive Ringmodulator

the only passive ringmod I have found.
requires no external power.

A ring modulator accepts two inputs
and produces the sum and difference frequencies of them.

found on

Pamelia Kurstin

photographed by wayneandwax

merci @ Pamelia


bitte follow the title link for more caro !

Ann Shenton with MOOG Liberation

found on largenumber.co.uk/

Howard Moscovitz's Sequencer circa 1973

found on electro-music.
thanks to Howard Moscovitz.
please visit the title link for information.


The PicoTriwaveGenerator is manufactured by 4ms pedals
Go there ! They sell heaven ...
This is Greg Walzers device who brought it to the
AHNE 5005 / Analog Heaven Northeast April 30th2005
Picture by Matthew Davidson.
Thanx to Eric S. Crawley.

France Jobin aka i8u

Photo by Mark Hogben