Circuit Bending by farnea

"My first circuit bending stuff. I got a cheap toy piano and added some components and touch contact to make the sound weird." farnea on the tube.
farnea at flickr

Kunt again

well, by now you should be knowing that I`m a
true fan of those lovely rocking ladies.
nice set by anttia on flickr.
the slideshow

Natural M2 Vocoder by MarcMarc

custom devices by MarcMarc
more info on his different vocoder models

Baby 10 sequencer schematic

schematic here

Anti Against Anti

by transonik

Visual Bending Workshop in Tokyo, Japan


also here :

Simple 8-step sequencer for the sound Lab

by dnny in electro-music
with a little inspiration from the Pig by
René Schmitz

please see also